4 Difficult To Navigate Car Accident Situations

Posted on: 6 March 2015

Have you recently been in a car accident? A small accident could simply require a police report and exchange of insurance, but other accidents require contacting an attorney. Each situation is different, but read about the following situations that can be more legally problematic than others. 

1. Hitting Another Car From Behind

When you hit another car from behind, it's generally thought that you must have been following too closely. You are always supposed to give yourself enough room between your car and another car so that you can stop in time if they stop abruptly. However, in practice this usually doesn't work -- cars may pass in front of you or they may be driving so erratically that you cannot properly adjust. 

2. Making a Left Turn

When you make a left turn, you are always supposed to check very carefully to make sure that you are clear. However, someone can be speeding and get into your way -- or they can abruptly turn into your way from another lane. The problem is that there are some states that do consider it the fault of a driver if they are turning to the left, even if there were other issues at hand. In this situation, a lawyer may be necessary. 

3. Driving in a Damaged Vehicle

Sometimes there can be problems with your vehicle that could cause an accident -- or that could seem to cause an accident. In this situation, you will need to be able to show that the problems with your car did not cause the accident at all. 

4. Having an Accident While Under the Influence

A DUI charge (driving under the influence) is a very difficult charge to beat. Car accident attorneys have ways that they can challenge these assertions, especially if you are certain that you were not over the legal limit while driving. A DUI charge can become a federal charge under some circumstances, so it's very important to have professional help. Even if the DUI charge itself is legitimate, a car accident attorney can help you reduce your fines and penalties to a more reasonable amount.

Many people assume that the above situations are impossible to win. In fact, some people will even repeat myths that state that if you run into the above situations you will always be decided against by insurance companies or in court. But this simply isn't true. There are always mitigating circumstances. A car accident attorney like Marquard & Associates can help advise you.