Winning Disability Payments With Help From An Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer

Posted on: 22 April 2015

Getting the Social Security Administration to approve your application for disability payments can be a difficult task to perform on your own. You must prove that your disability is genuine and you need the agency's approval. Hiring a social security disability lawyer to negotiate your right for disability payments adds to your chances of gaining approval by the agency in the final analysis. Your lawyer must present proof that your physical or mental condition prevents you from performing specific functions.

Make sure to consider how you will have to pay your lawyer. Disability lawyers will charge you a regulated federal fee of approximately $6,000. Be aware though that the fee could increase if you have to file an appeal in the event your request is initially denied. Lawyers in this field may not charge you an upfront fee. Your attorney will only charge the federal fee when the case ends in a successful approval in your favor. This is called a contingency fee arrangement.

Your disability lawyer has a vast amount of knowledge and experience that is used to develop your case based upon provable facts. This professional anticipates the kind of questions the judge will be asking at the court hearing stage. The lawyer understands Social Security rules and regulations. He or she prepares specific medical answers to questions that the judge will ask that pertains to your unique medical condition.

Onset Date of Disability

Establishing an onset date when you became eligible for disability payments is a verifiable aspect of social security disability payments. You need a lawyer who makes sure that you are rewarded with a favorable and provable onset date. Onset dates guarantee you accurate back pay. The bulk of your immediate reward is based on back pay, and your lawyer will aggressively ensure that you receive the earliest back pay amounts.

Filing a Timely Application

The initial application filed for your disability request should be filed in a timely manner since the granting of disability is generally a lengthy process. Your lawyer will prepare your claim based on researching your age and disabilities as well as your work history. This application is first reviewed by the Disability Determination Services. Don't become disconsolate if your first claim is rejected. According to the website, 60 to 70 percent of first-time claims are rejected.

Winning An Appeal With An Experienced Lawyer In Your Corner

The appeal stage of the process is where your disability lawyer's representation has the greatest impact as he or she negotiates through a federal appeal litigation. A lawyer (such as one from the Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith) will present facts to confirm that your request for disability should indeed be granted.