How Some Doctors Gamble With Your Health (And How To Protect Yourself)

Posted on: 3 May 2016

Most doctors are wonderful, caring people who are professionally driven by their desire to help others and save lives. There's even the well-accepted motto for doctors of "First, do no harm." Unfortunately, some doctors do cause patients harm, and it's important to protect yourself as best you can from such situations. Here are a few ways doctors may gamble with your health and how you can protect yourself from these errors.

A Doctor May Misdiagnose You

No doctor wants to misdiagnose a patient, but the reality is that misdiagnoses are currently the most common mistake doctors make. They occur most often in doctor's offices than hospitals. One single misdiagnose can completely turn your life upside down. It can lead to great personal and financial problems in addition to compromising your physical health. To help avoid the catastrophic effects of a potential misdiagnosis, always get a second opinion for a serious medical condition or disease. It's a wise idea to seek an additional diagnosis from someone unattached to the first one.

A Doctor's Decisions May Be Compromised by Lack of Sleep

If your doctor or surgeon is overworked and unable to get sufficient sleep, they may need to sleep instead of seeing you as a patient. If you suspect that your doctor is just too tired or acting peculiar, you may cut the visit short and go elsewhere. Keep in mind that your health should come first. If you feel like you distrust a doctor for any reason, it's okay to step away from a doctor-patient relationship at any time. When in doubt, take care of yourself above all other concerns.

A Doctor May Not Address Their Unsatisfactory History

With the many online locations where doctors can be reviewed, most doctors will have a couple of bad reviews. After all, people are more likely to remember and speak out over a negative experience than a positive one. However, if you look up a doctor and discover that they have a dozen or more negative reviews, that should send up a red flag. When you look up other doctors in the area, you should compare ratings to see if it's only the doctor you're considering. Either way, consider going with another doctor.

Finally, if you ever do experience harm through visiting a doctor, contact a medical malpractice attorney like R.J. Marzella & Associates, P.C. who can assess your unique situation and figure out the right steps for you. Prevention is key, but not every situation can be avoided. If you are not sure whether you have a case, an attorney can also help you figure out all the nitty gritty details and let you know if your situation falls within the criteria of medical malpractice.