Hurt In A Car Crash? Back Up Your Injury Claims And Optimize Potential Compensation

Posted on: 27 July 2016

After being injured in a car crash that was the other party's fault, it is essential to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you as you negotiate for fair compensation to cover your pain and suffering. Your lawyer will do most of the legwork, such as dealing with the stress of working with the other party's insurance adjuster and court officials, as well as handling all the paperwork that has to be managed throughout your case. But there are a few things you can do to support your lawyer, help back up your injury claims, and optimize the chance that you'll win the compensation you're looking for. Consider implementing the following methods:

Take Photos for Evidence

Taking photographs is an excellent way to produce visual evidence that will give your lawyer, the other party's representatives, and the court some insight into many aspects of your accident case. Start by going back to the scene where the accident took place and take photos of any street signs, skid marks, and other road landmarks that will help tell your story about where and how the accident actually happened.

You should also take photographs of any damage that was done to your vehicle during the accident before having any repairs made. Take the pictures out of the sunlight, if possible, to avoid any glare from developing in the pictures. Finally, take the time to take pictures of any visual bodily injuries you have as soon as possible after they occur, as well as once a week thereafter, to document the healing process.

Maintain a Progress Notebook

Another effective way to support your lawyer and provide additional insight into your pain and suffering is to maintain an ongoing progress notebook that details your daily experiences, struggles, and sacrifices throughout the recovery process. Each evening, sit down and document information about the day that your lawyer can use to gauge how much compensation to ask the other party for, such as:

  • The types and amounts of medication that you've consumed.

  • Work hours you've missed and the amount of income you lost out on.

  • Any doctor or therapy appointments you had to attend.

It's a good idea to finish the day's notebook entry up by noting your state of mind and thoughts about the things you're going through due to the auto accident.

These techniques are sure to provide your lawyer with the ammunition they need to prove your case and win you the compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering, and loss of income.