• The Complex Problem Of Veterans With Personal Injuries

    A veteran who is receiving compensation from the US Department of Veterans Affairs or filing a compensation claim may find the compensation system confusing when it comes to personal injuries. Injuries that aren't connected to military service have a unique area in medical law that may change the veteran's ability to claim compensation, receive affordable medical care, or proceed with an injury claim. Consider a few ways to protect yourself against future confusion as you work through the compensation system.
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  • What To Do When The Insurance Adjuster Is Stalling Over Your Settlement Talks

    What do you do when your adjuster refuses to make a serious offer or seems to be engaged in stalling tactics? Deal with the situation by: Bringing Up Lawsuit Talks Threaten your adjuster with a lawsuit and see how he or she reacts. Adjusters don't like lawsuits because it costs their companies money, and they may even be moved off their cases. To prevent such an eventuality, the adjuster may respond to your threat of a lawsuit by making a serious offer to you.
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  • Demand After Disaster: The Demand Letter After An Accident

    If you have been injured in an accident that another person is responsible for, you have to be demanding to get what you deserve. Your personal injury attorney will usually make these demands for you in the form of a personal injury demand letter. The letter is an official communication with the insurance company that represents the person responsible for your damages. Read on to learn more about how demand letters work, and how they can affect your case.
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